Virtual Little Scientist Program

In 2021, John Monash Science School is planning on delivering a semester based science program aimed at primary school students in grades 5 and 6 and their teachers

Course Overview

The virtual program will consist of:

  • a combination of 1-2 synchronous and 2-3 asynchronous science lessons per term of approximately one hour duration where primary school students can join in and participate in science experiments and investigation.
  • 3 Professional learning workshops for primary school teachers on how to lead effective science inquiry lessons and embed good scientific practice into their teaching and learning programs.
  • School visits from JMSS representatives to help facilitate student inquiry projects and develop relationships between teachers.

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Learning Outcomes

It is our hope that this program will help build teacher confidence in leading scientific inquiry projects within their schools and inspire the next generation of primary school students to engage in science and science related fields.

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