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Registrations for Semester 2 2018 are now open!

  Parents interested in registering their child into ESV will need to speak directly with their child’s science or maths teacher at their current school. All schools must be registered with ESV before students can be enrolled. To register the school, a Liaison Teacher must be nominated. The Liaison Teacher will act as a contact between your student and ESV and will process their enrolment in the subject of their choice. Check here to see if your child’s school is currently registered.  

New school registrations

If your school has not previously participated with ESV, please create a new school application. You will need to nominate a Liaison Teacher who will be the main contact for the ESV team and will register and support the ongoing participation of students from your school. The Liaison Teacher is expected to assist with student attendance, informing ESV teachers if a student is away. The Liaison Teacher is welcome to join ESV classes and learn alongside the student, although this is not a requirement.  All assessment and reporting is completed by the ESV Teacher and passed onto the Liaison Teacher.  

Registered ESV schools

If your school has previously participated in ESV, you should already registered with us. Please login here with your supplied username and password.  If you need to reset or update your school login, please contact ESV at the email address below. If you did not receive an email, please contact