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Frequently Asked
The innovative nature of Emerging Sciences Victoria, and our virtual classroom model of teaching and learning often invokes curiosity from parents, teachers and students. 
In this section you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How do I register for ESV?

Registration for ESV happens in two stages:

First, a school registers to participate in the program, with a Liaison Teacher at the school operating as the point of contact for the ESV team.

After the school has registered, the Liaison Teacher can enrol individual students into their desired courses.
Because students need to be excused from existing classes in order to participate in ESV courses, it is important that we work alongside both the schools and teachers of participating students. 

By having the school register first and a nominated teacher as the point of contact, we can ensure that

Can my child register for ESV independent of a school?

Yes! We now offer two after school classes.
However, if you are a parent, and interested in enrolling your child to participate in an ESV course, it is always a good idea to check with your student's school teacher first to determine suitability

Can homeschooled students participate in ESV?

Yes! Students being home-schooled can enrol in ESV courses.
With permission from us, parents/teachers of home-schooled students can register themselves as a school, and then enrol their children/students in  their desired ESV courses.

If you are the parent/guardian of a home-schooled student, please contact our team to arrange your registration in the ESV program.

How much do ESV courses cost?

ESV courses operate at a fixed price for each student, per semester.

Government school students pay only $130.00 per subject/student.

Non-government school students pay $280.00 per subject/student.

Further information about our fee structure is available on our pricing page

How do I pay the fees for my student(s)?

Invoices for ESV fees are sent to the students' school. The school may choose to either pay for the students participating, or pass the cost on to the parents.
Each participating school handles payment differently. 
To avoid confusion, ESV always issues invoices to the school and leaves payment at the discretion of the school administration.

When enrolling, all parents, teachers and students should be aware that there is a non-refundable enrolment deposit of $25.00. This is to cover administrative costs.

Invoices for courses are sent in Week 4 of each course, after which time any refund of fees is at the sole discretion of the ESV Director.

What happens if my student(s) withdraw from a course?

Students withdrawing from a course in the first three weeks will only pay the enrolment deposit of $25.00.

Students withdrawing from a course after the third week - when invoices are issued, will be expected to pay the full course fee.
Our staff are employed and paid for a full semester of teaching and learning. After Week 4, it is expected that students will continue with their chosen course, and subsequently, pay the full fees associated for each course.
Technical Information

What do students need to participate in ESV courses?

To participate in courses from Emerging Sciences Victoria students require:

  • access to a computer (laptop or desktop), preferably with a camera;

  • a stable internet connection;

  • a 'gaming' headset with a microphone.*
We also use a combination of different free software and online services to facilitate teaching and learning, and can work with school ICT staff to ensure that students are able to connect to, and participate in lessons.
For more information, please visit our technical information page
Participating in ESV Courses

What happens if a student misses a lesson?

All of our ESV lessons are recorded and posted to a private YouTube channel, which students have access to. 
Should a student miss a class, they can simply log on to YouTube to catch up.

Is attendance recorded?

Yes! Our ESV Teachers mark a roll at the beginning of each lesson. Students will be assessed on their level of attendance and participation
Should a student know in advance that they will be absent for a lesson, they must inform both their Liaison Teacher and their ESV teacher prior to their absence.