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As a minimum each student will need: 1. Individual student device, either laptop or desktop computer (laptops preferred); 2. Individual webcams and headsets with microphones for each student; 3. Internet access: ADSL is fine as output is in 360p (similar to watching YouTube videos); 4. Open access through firewalls and filters to online resources such as: Google, YouTube, Twitter, TED talks and Prezi. 5. Access to local school ICT support may also be required in initial setup phase.  

This page has all the sites that need to be unblocked at DET schools to allow their students to access CISCO Webex. School specialist technicians need to do this via Netspace control panel:

You can test whether the firewall rules work by going through this test link:


Technical Sessions

Enrolled students and Liaison teachers are invited to attend introductory technical sessions at the beginning of each ESV semester. Should you require more information on these technical sessions, please email  

ESV How-To Videos

Below is a small library of useful videos that aim to assist students and teachers in preparing for, and participating in, live sessions with Emerging Sciences Victoria:


Using ESV GMail + Google Accounts


Joining and Navigating Cisco Webex Sessions


Using Google Apps in ESV