The Liaison Teacher Role

Each school registered to participate in ESV courses has a nominated Liaison Teacher. Liaison Teachers act as a point of contact between ourselves and the student. They facilitate student enrolments and monitor attendance each semester.

Becoming a Liaison Teacher

Liaison Teachers play a crucial role in supporting the students undertaking ESV. Liaison teachers are usually involved in Science or Maths faculty within the school.

The have the responsibility of :-

  • Registering the students into the ESV classes
  • Ensuring the students have a place to study/ undertake their ESV class (Please note: Teachers are not required to sit with their student/s during the duration of the class)
  • Follow up student absences
  • Prior notification of any upcoming student absences ie: camps, excursions, appointments etc..
  • Work with the ESV teacher to ensure the students are up to date with assessment tasks and course requirements




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