Enrolment and General Information

This page provides a summary of the procedures and guidelines for schools wishing to enrol students into an Emerging Sciences Victoria course.

About ESV

ESV courses run for 15 weeks each semester in an online format using the Cisco Webex Training Center platform.  Each course has two timetabled lessons that will run at the same time each week.  These lessons are live and students are expected to attend all lessons where possible to get the most out of the experience.  If a student does have a commitment that will clash with their ESV schedule or are ill on a given day, the Liaison Teacher should notify the school of the absence in advance of the lesson and the student should watch a recording of the missed lesson that will be posted to the private YouTube channel prior to the next timetabled lesson.


Enrolments open in November for semester 1 ESV courses and in May for semester 2 ESV courses.  No further enrolments are taken after the first week of lessons have commenced. The subject timetable is published on our website when enrolments open.  Each subject has a maximum enrolment of 30 students which are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.  Schools are able to enrol multiple students and may contact enquiries@emsci.vic.edu.au if enrolling large numbers to access a multiple student enrolment form.

We highly recommend students only enrol in one course per semester so as not to impact their own school studies.  The courses are aimed at Years 9 and 10 students, however, students in lower year levels are able to enrol if their teachers believe that they are capable of working at these levels.  Course overviews of our subjects can be found at https://emsci.vic.edu.au/courses/.

Liaison Teacher

As the ESV lessons are held during school hours, enrolments to the ESV Program should be processed only by a staff member at the student’s school.  This is to ensure that the school supports and approves of the student participating in the ESV program.   The school should appoint a Liaison Teacher. Details of this role can be found at https://emsci.vic.edu.au/about/liaison-teacher-role/.  We do enrol homeschooled students and in such cases it is expected that their parents will need to take on the Liaison Teacher role.


Costs for the subjects can be found at https://emsci.vic.edu.au/about/fees/

Before you start

In the week prior to the commencement of lessons, ESV runs an initial Technical Session.   The Technical Session is provided to ensure that students have the ability to connect to our system and that their equipment is adequate for them to satisfactorily participate in the program. It is highly recommended that an IT support staff be present during this technical session to assist with any technical difficulties that students may have.

In the first week of the semester, students will receive a unique login to an Emerging Sciences Victoria Google account and a corresponding Emerging Sciences Victoria email address (@emsci.vic.edu.au).  All further correspondence with them will then be forwarded through this email address.  Our lessons are run on the Cisco Webex Training Center platform with invitations to attend each lesson sent to the student’s @emsci email address.

It is recommended that students attend each lesson at the scheduled time to get the most out of the Program.  If, however, the student has other school commitments, experiences connection issues or are ill they are able to catch up on a dedicated Youtube channel.  This channel also archives all sessions over the semester for students to review.


Progress reports are produced at the end of the first term of the semester and a more comprehensive final report at the end of the semester..