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Emerging Sciences Victoria offers contemporary science and maths subjects for students currently in Year 9 and 10 across Victoria.

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Interactive classes

Students around the state join a virtual class together
Not just lectures

Webcams and headsets connect students to 2 team teachers in a virtual classroom using CISCO Webex video-conferencing.

Interaction is highly encouraged, with students and teachers interacting via webcam with a headset (visual and audio) and chatfeed using text and emojis.

Resources and group tasks are enabled by Google Apps for Education, including Google Classroom and shared documents. Multiple students can simultaneously edit a document to share ideas and work collaboratively.

  • Students rated feedback as 4 or 5 out of 5

  • during most or all sessions

  • during most or all sessions

ESV Courses

Frontiers of Physics

How stars are born and die
Investigate some of the recent developments in the fields of astrophysics and astronomy. Go on a journey through the Universe to explore phenomenon such as black holes, dark matter and dark energy.


Unique properties at the nanoscale
Study how scale and the properties of materials are linked, and how this leads to unusual and unexpected behaviour of materials.

Nature and Beauty of Mathematics

Enter the Fourth Dimension
Look at the mathematics beyond the reality you see, such as 4-dimensional tesseracts, hyperbolic space, and hotels with an infinite number of rooms.


The genetic code for life
Examine the structure and function of the cell, DNA and proteins and the development and uses of genetic technology. Develop skills to decipher this information and further understand the code for life.


How the brain works
Explore some of the big ideas in neuroscience and unleash your brainstorm: How do we image the brain and can we see thoughts? How do sleep and chemicals affect the brain? Bionic brains – how can we replicate senses and understand illusions?

Synchrotron Science

Accelerate your future!
Become your local expert in accelerator physics and the infinite applications of synchrotron radiation. Understand what makes synchrotron radiation special and how it is used.


New course coming soon


Students and teachers from ESV Semester 1 2017 give their thoughts on ESV subjects

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